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About Us

My software engineering experience spans over 5 years, and I have worked for renowned computer companies across Europe. With a growing portfolio of skills and successful projects, I will be able to undertake your project and deliver an innovative and cutting edge application. Prior to freelancing I worked in analytical science, creating client software for intruments used in the pharmaceutical industry using the latest user interface development language WPF.

Professional Web Design

Website design is much more than creative a compelling interface. Your website must serve your business aims and goals, attracting your target market and improving sales to maximise your profits. There are fundamentals that go into creating an application from the ground up, incorporating all the important key elements in creating a successful web solution.

Increasing Web Traffic

Do you have a website? Or are you thinking of having one developed by SyntaxStudio? Then maybe one of your concerns is how many visitors will come to your website. SyntaxStudio can help increase the web traffic to your website using SEO techniques and with years of experience in this art, we can guarantee increased exposure of your website and an increase of quality visitors to your website.


The design must be innovative, compelling, creative and unique. If your website is not standing out from the crowd neither do I. Your design is one of my top priorities and I work with you at each and every stage to make your website perfect for you.


I develop focused, rich copy which engages your customer and gives them a satisfying read whilst expressing that most important information. Tailoring your content so that it is optimized for SEO without losing its clarity.


Timescales are always at the forefront of every project and play a key part when developing and delivering a project on time and in budget. Developing a plan is crucial for your project and gives a specific timescale from project inception to completion.


The cost must reflect the value of your website, this must be fair and also good value for money.


When any challenges or issues occur I will be available to help, listen and solve your problems with diligence, efficiency and above all with good customer service.