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Talbot Walker LLP

Talbot Walker are proud of their heritage and have a fantastic record providing excellent legal services in Hampshire for over 100 years.  Talbot Walker have offices in both Andover and Basingstoke, providing quality service to all their clients across different industries.  Talbot Walker have recently changed there online image and have appointed Atelier82 Creative Marketing agency to develop their image.

Their new website has been a success and they are happy with the new design that has been produced.  Atelier82 are also handling their online SEO campaign and will be further exposing this company through social media.  SyntaxStudio have provided the technical ability for Talbot Walker to post their own news and have their uses share this with their friends on twitter, facebook and other social media platforms.


Modernise the current website into a new eye-catching design with a coporate and professional feel.  Develop the website with SEO in mind to improve search engine rankings.  Create a website which stands out from the crowd.  The website must hae the ability to add and update news content provided by Talbot Walker onto a news page.


Brand design and strategy by Atelier82, designed and developed bySyntaxStudio.


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